Welcome to Jump Start Growth

Your organization does amazing work. And you believe there are people who would support it lavishly if they knew. Perhaps

  • you have donors who give small gifts to you and big gifts to other organizations
  • you have board members who are connected to wealthy people but they are reluctant to make introductions
  • you have board members who give you access to corporate grants or sponsorships but don’t write personal checks
  • you keep running around the hamster wheel of the fundraising events and foundation deadlines, and you know there must be an easier way to raise more money

There is, in fact, an easier way to raise more money. And you are probably doing it, in bits and pieces, between the deadlines and crises, as time allows. I worked in small development offices where I was the only fundraiser, for many years. In every job, I rushed through the administrative stuff as fast as I could to get into the living rooms and offices of major donors.   Talking to donors was where the fun was. That was where the impact was. When I established Jump Start Growth, Inc., I wanted to help other organizations build major donor programs that fit their institutional culture.

If you want to talk about how to strengthen relationships with your most capable and most generous donors, I would love to hear from you.