Collect information to share with your donors

I was talking yesterday to the fundraiser at an environmental organization butterflynetwith staff all over the country.  We were talking about sending a monthly informal email monthly to their top 200 donors and prospects.  Because the staff is scattered (literally and figuratively) she is having a hard time getting the content for those emails.  We came up with ten sources.  Part of her job is to run around with a butterfly net and collect the stories.

  1. The executive director’s sporadic reports to board members
  2. Staff members who are good storytellers: make sure different programs and regions are represented
  3. Comments in staff meetings
  4. Profiles of board members
  5. Profiles of staff members
  6. Profiles of heroes of the movement
  7. Historical notes
  8. Newspaper articles circulated by communications staff.
  9. Newsletters
  10. Blog

What’s important is for donors to feel like they are part of the “inner circle” — they don’t need a ton of information (who does?) but just an occasional stroke to remind them that we think of them as part of the family.

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