Steve Haddad (Sangha Solutions) is not only a consummate fund raiser. He is also a rock and roll musician and a teacher of Buddhist meditation. Really. He brings experience in large organizations and one-person shops. I turn to him when I want sound advice about best practices and clear-headed insight.

Anne McCaw (One Bright Bird) is indeed a bright bird. She frequently says to me, “Let’s take a step back.” That means that she can see bigger, deeper, more systematically into an organization’s growth trajectory – and impediments to growth. Although she entered fund raising as a grant writer, her consulting practice includes development planning, addressing staffing issues, vision clarity. I turn to her when I want a partner who can quickly understand complex human dynamics, find impediments to success, and uncork creativity.

Although Steve, Anne, and I have no formal affiliation, I consider myself fortunate to have such magnificent colleagues to whom I can turn if a team approach will serve a client better than I can by myself.