The Importance of Being Flummoxed – When the Road of Cultivation is Blocked

There are times in your cultivation journey, my friend, when you will run into a brick wall.  When you get mixed signals from the prospective donor, or no signals.  When the prospect is not telling you to go away, but not inviting you closer, either.  It might be tempting to second guess every contact you have had.  It might be tempting to delete the prospect from your list.  I recommend a third alternative, which is to park the prospect with a “flummoxed” label, which is number seven of the six stages of cultivation.

Keep in mind that the universe is fluid.  Maybe there is someone in your network that is in the prospect’s network, but you don’t know it yet.  Maybe an event in the prospect’s life will suddenly make your organization more attractive.  Maybe an event in the organization’s life will give you a new reason for reaching out.

Flummoxed is not a comfortable state of mind, but if you can tolerate it, an exit will often present itself.